Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missing Speakers in MySQL Conference 2009

I was looking through the list of speakers in this year's MySQL Conference and I just noticed that some good speakers will not be presenting in the conference. Well, the term 'good speakers' is relative, but I enjoyed listening to their presentations.

This is my list of the 'Missing' speakers for this year.

1. Baron Schwartz
2. Peter Zaitsev
3. Jay Pipes
4. Jeremy Cole
5. Arjen Lentz

I guess they are too busy with other stuff.


arjenAU said...

Busy sure, but of the nice kind.
I did submit a number of proposals.

Mark Callaghan said...

I wish they all had talks. They have done a lot to improve the community.

Mike Hillyer said...

I think you'll find that a number of the speakers probably did submit sessions that were not accepted. I've spoken every year but for some reason did not have my sessions accepted this year. They could be trying to bring in some new blood.

Suzanne Axtell said...

Really appreciate the feedback on the MySQL CE program--I'll pass it on. (We do have a new program committee this year.)

venu said...

May be intentionally they wanted to keep open community out of the sessions..

Andy said...

"Innovation everywhere...but here"?

izenmania said...


Explains why Baron and Peter didn't have sessions on the regular program.

arjenAU said...
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arjenAU said...

@izenmania: don't confuse/swap cause and effect.

izenmania said...


Valid point. And ironically, I suspect I'll find more interesting material and value in the Percona sessions than the main MySQL event.

(And 100% more free!)

Bichonfrise74 said...

Ah, a least the Percona team will be nearby. This should be interesting.